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Here, is the place where you do get the interpretations, and have fun discussing your own similar experiences. This is a very simple, text and audio course.

You'll find all 13 fireside stories from Wisdom Stories from the Orphan Tribe in this course. You may read them as well as listen to them.

Each story comes with a short teaching on meanings that can be found within the stories. I will use these shamanic dreams and journeys to help you understand a little more about your own experiences in consciousness, and how to interpret them differently. You may even decide that some of your nightmares aren't nightmares at all, once you've begun to understand how spirits and entities (or consciousness) speak/s, and why.

Mindfulness and green topics/issues are included as they happen to be the focus of these experiences!

These teachings can also help you start a discussion with others, should you have the book at home.

Feel free to discuss POV and related experiences in the discussion areas as well.

One last note: I am obviously not an artist. I simply had fun with these drawings.

The stories appear in a particular order and the teachings become "meatier" as they progress. We start light and gradually progress.

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Keep it friendly, and I hope you enjoy your time here.